Intermountain Food Equipment, Inc.

Our Team

It is O.K to brag? Because we couldn't be prouder of our Intermountain team. We're a group of exceptional equipment, business, and customer service specialists--and we strive everyday to do our best and serve our customers, families and communities.  

   Going "above and beyond" is our motto and our dedication to excellence and state-of-the-art kitchen technology sets us apart from our competition.   

Our team at Intermountain has 125 years of combined experience in the food equipment industry. Together we've built a solid reputation of honesty, initiative, and an unwavering commitment to our customers and manufacturers. We're experts in foodservice innovation and each of us love helping you improve your operations and fulfill your vision.

UTAH Office & Kitchen

Lee Bagley, President

Caroline Bagley, Vice President

Amanda Roberts, Inside Sales Manager

Melody Mangum, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

ARIZONA Office & Kitchen

Bob Benardout, Equipment Sales Specialist

Chef Ben Groeger, Corporate Chef & Equipment Specialist

COLORADO Office & Kitchen

Chef Josh Halder, Culinary & Equipment Specialist

Scott Norgaard, Equipment Sales Specialist

Intermountain Food Equipment, Inc.


Lee has spent his entire career in the food service industry. His knowledge, passion, and expertise is built upon a solid and diverse range of experience and careers within the business.


Vice President
Caroline’s career began at The Utah Food Bank, where she met Lee while he was serving on the volunteer Board of Directors. They married in 1997, a few months after Lee opened Intermountain Food Equipment.